Event regulations-contract



This Agreement defines all the terms and conditions of the ALFA RUN running project (hereinafter referred to as “ALFA RUN”), the rights, duties and responsibilities of the participants and the organisers. By signing this Agreement, the Participant confirms that he/she is aware of and agrees to all the provisions set out below, enters into this Agreement of his/her own free will and undertakes to abide by all the provisions of this Agreement during the course of the ALFA RUN.



It is a run and obstacle overcoming competition event on 15 June 2024, with the following objectives:

  • To complete a course consisting of natural and artificial obstacles (including, but not limited to, an obstacle with an electric shepherd) located in Pamaraziai LT – 13244, Pamaraziai LT – 13244, Vilnius district, Marijampolis sen., for the purposes of raising the funds to support activities of the rehabilitation centre ALFA CENTRAS, which is treating people with addiction diseases;
  • To promote the sport of extreme running in Lithuania;
  • Promote healthy lifestyle.


VšĮ “ALFA CENTRAS”, company code 303108589, registration address Marijampolės sav. Geležinių k. Sodžiaus g. 22, Lithuania.


  • a person of full age or emancipated, who has the right to conclude transactions in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • a person aged between 14 and 17 years, accompanied by an adult or with written parental/guardian consent of his/her participation in the ALFA RUN;
  • children aged 5 to 13 years, accompanied by a parent/guardian for the ALFA RUN;
  • not under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substances.
  • have undergone a medical check-up prior to the ALFA RUN and do not have any medical complications that could endanger the life or health of the Participant during the ALFA RUN;
  • by entering into the ALFA RUN Participation Agreement and purchasing a ticket (i.e. by paying the entry fee).


  1. The aim of the ALFA RUN is for the participant to complete a course prepared by the organiser, with both natural obstacles and obstacles created by the organisers.
  2. The event is open to anyone who has purchased a ticket and meets the entry requirements, has undergone a health check and signed the Alfa Run Participation Agreement.
  3. Participants will be able to run a pre-selected route: 5km with 31 obstacles or 10km with 40 obstacles, for children – 1km with 17 obstacles.
  4. A prerequisite for ALFA RUN participants is the principle of mutual respect and understanding between participants. Participants who do not respect these principles are excluded from the ALFA RUN.
  5. Refunds will only be given if the ALFA RUN does not take place in its entirety, provided that the reason for the failure to take place is not due to a force majeure event that endangers the safety of the participants in terms of health or life.


  1. The Organiser grants the participant the right to use the ALFA RUN course during his/her participation in the ALFA RUN for a participation fee (ticket price) on 15 June 2024.
  2. Registration for ALFA RUN takes place on the Paysera website. You can register for the run by filling in the registration form and making a payment.
  3. Registration is open: online until 24:00 on 13 June (or until tickets are sold out), and on 15 June (the day of the event), registration will take place at the venue for those start times that still have places available. Ticket prices will increase on the day of the event:
    Challenge Regular price until 14.06.2024 Price on the day of the event (15.06.2024)
    OCR Qualification to Worlds Championship 2024 65 eur 70 eur
    GARMIN CHAMPIONS Challenge (10 km with timing) 62 eur 67 eur
    ALPHA HERO Challenge (10 km) 52 eur 57 eur
    ROOKIE Challenge (5 km) 42 eur 47 eur
  4. Once the entry form has been duly completed and the entry fee has been paid, the participant will be entered in the start record. Children aged 5-13 years old can participate in ALFA RUN for free if their parents/guardians have purchased a participation ticket for ALFA RUN which will take place on 15 June 2024.
  5. The free entry is limited to 2 children of the same family/guardian and tickets must be generated by 13 June 2024. Furthermore, tickets for ALFA RUN MINI will be sold on the day of the event for 15€, subject to availability.
  6. By registering, the participant confirms that he/she agrees to receive newsletters and SMS messages related to events organised by ALFA CENTRAS.
  7. A detailed event programme will be sent to each participant in a newsletter format one week before the event.
  8. Registration for ALFA RUN is by name, so if you want to make changes to your start time, name or any other details, you must inform the organiser before 13 June 2024. Any changes are subject to a registration change fee of €5 as set by the organiser. The change of registration data is made when the participant pays for the service and informs the organiser by email: info@alfarun.lt, sending the payment statement and the data to be changed with the email.
  9. Participants must bring with them to the ALFA RUN: a participation ticket and an identity document; if the participant is a minor (14-17 years old), he/she must additionally submit a written consent of his/her parents/guardians of his/her participation in the ALFA RUN.
  10. Participants running with a timing device must wear their ALFA RUN bib number during the ALFA RUN. The number must be placed on the front of the T-shirt (chest) in a clearly visible place.
  11. You must register under your own name. You may not transfer your registration to another participant.
  12. The ALFA RUN Running Campus will be equipped with bio-toilets, changing and rest areas, a storage area for belongings and a shower for participants.
  13. Participants who choose to take part in the “OCR Qualification to Worlds Championship 2024” are not eligible for prizes in the “Champions’ Challenge (10km with timing)”.


  1. The Participant understands that the Organiser does not take any action to ensure the Participant’s safety on the ALFA RUN course, i.e., the Organiser does not give any guarantee to the Participant as to the Participant’s safety or any damage that may occur to him/her during or after the ALFA RUN course, but that the Participant, by signing this Agreement, undertakes to take care of his/her own safety during the course of the ALFA RUN, and to bear all the risks and consequences.
  2. The Participant confirms that he/she is taking part in the ALFA RUN voluntarily, of his/her own free will and in support of the objectives of the ALFA RUN.
  3. On the ALFA RUN course, be responsible, considerate and considerate of the health, life and property of others.
  4. Does not object to the free, unrestricted and gratuitous use of photographs and footage taken at the ALFA RUN event in the Organiser’s activities (e.g. website, social networks, etc.) and for marketing purposes.
  5. Assumes all risks associated with the understanding of the ALFA RUN course, potential risks and consequences.
  6. The Participant undertakes to familiarize himself/herself with the ALFA RUN route and course, danger spots, obstacles and barriers before starting the ALFA RUN run.
  7. Comply with all instructions given by the Organiser and the Supervisors, even if they may conflict with the provisions of the contract.
  8. He is aware that an ambulance will be on standby near the ALFA RUN course during the ALFA RUN and, in the event of an accident, will arrive in accordance with the general procedure laid down by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.
  9. By registering, the participant confirms that he/she understands that participation in the event is related to a significant test of the physical abilities of a human being, as well as confirms that he/she has undergone a health check-up, that he/she adheres to the requirements for health check-ups stipulated in the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, and that he/she will provide a certificate of his/her health condition if requested to do so by the organisers or any other person.
  10. The Participant understands and acknowledges that the Organisers shall not be liable for, and shall not compensate for, any damage to the Participant’s health or life. All risks and liability for the Participant’s health problems, injuries and accidents resulting from participation in the Event shall be borne solely by the Participant. Parents/guardians assume all risks (including risks to health and life) for minors in connection with their participation in the Event and undertake not to make any claim against the Event Organiser in respect thereof.
  11. The Participant undertakes to carry the necessary equipment for the ALFA RUN, including, but not limited to, appropriate clothing, footwear and medication, if the person taking medication is permitted to participate in the ALFA RUN.
  12. The participant understands that animals may be present on the ALFA RUN course and accepts all risks associated with this. In the event of sighting wild animals or other animals, immediately notify the Organiser and refrain from any action that would provoke the wild animal or other animal to attack the Participants.
  13. If a participant notices any obstacles on the ALFA RUN route and on the course that are dangerous to the life of the participants or other persons, he/she is obliged to stop immediately and report to the supervisor.
  14. The participant undertakes not to litter on the ALFA RUN course, not to light fires and not to destroy nature in order to overcome obstacles, not to damage the course equipment and to take full responsibility for his/her own actions and to indemnify the organiser for any damages caused to the ALFA RUN course obstacles, nature and/or the equipment.
  15. It is forbidden to let animals run alone or to leave them unattended on the ALFA RUN course and in the venue territory.


  1. Prepare the ALFA RUN course and obstacles.
  2. Register participants, produce and issue control wristbands and participant numbers (for those running with a timing device) on the day of the ALFA RUN.
  3. Participants who complete the ALFA RUN course award with a medal and prizes produced by the sponsors and partners.
  4. The organiser shall immediately inform the police or other authorities of any action by a participant that causes damage to nature, wildlife or other participants.
  5. The Organiser accepts no responsibility for: the state of health and physical fitness of the participants, the actions of some participants in relation to other participants, damage to the health, life or property of the participants caused by other participants, by animals and by natural disasters and phenomena (falling trees, storms, etc.); the weather conditions; the lack of use of personal protective equipment; lost, missing or damaged property; or any of the other events listed above.
  6. The Organiser or any supervisor shall have the right, at any time during the ALFA RUN, to stop or terminate the ALFA RUN if there is a serious danger to any or all of the participants in the ALFA RUN. In such a case, no refund of the entry fee will be made.


Company code: 303108589,
Address for registration: Marijampolės sav. Geležinių k. Sodžiaus g. 22, Lietuva.
Paysera a.s. LT933500010002504354


ALFA RUN participant acknowledges that he/she has read and understood the personal privacy policy: https://www.alfarun.lt/privatumo-politika/

You may contact the organiser of ALFA RUN by phone +370 658 53003 or e-mail: info@alfarun.lt .



Venue of the event

Pamaraziai, Marijampolis sen., Vilnius district, LT-13244

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