What is Alfa Run?

Alfa Run is not a competition, it is an opportunity to test the limits of your mental and physical abilities. Here everyone becomes a winner, daring to step out of the comfort zone and ready to lend a helping hand to someone nearby.

The biggest, most extreme obstacle course in Lithuania consisting of 36 body draining obstacles, which will have a lot of dirt, ice, electricity and much more… Be prepared for challenges and surprises, each course is exceptional, unique, full of adrenaline and victorious emotions. You will finish the course knowing that you have overcome something amazing and become stronger than you started.

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In this video, the organizer of Alfa Run Vladislavas Pocius, tells about the difficulties encountered in running Alfa Run and the values on which this project is based.

Mission - by purchasing a ticket, contribute to the rehabilitation activities carried out by "Alfa Centras", which provides assistance to persons suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction!

More information about "Alfa centras".



Event location

Pamaraziai, Marijampolio sen.,
Vilniaus raj., LT–13244

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VšĮ „Alfa centras“
Sodžiaus g. 22, Geležiniai, Marijampolė,
Į. k. 303108589

+370 658 53003